Alexander Meade was formerly Daniel's big brother and now has become his big sister, Alexis.  After Alex supposedly died during a skiing accident, Alexis appeared and is played by the gorgeous Rebecca Romjin.  Apparently those surgeries are a lot better than I thought.

Alexis previously tried to work with Wilhelmina to take her brother Daniel out of his position as editor-in-chief.  She has since repaired her relationship with her brother.

Alexis left the country and show to raise her child, DJ, in France.

Alexis Meade Quotes

Alexis: I accidentally opened up a piece of Daniel's mail
Claire: Darling, given what we're dealing with I think Daniel is going to overlook that
Alexis: No he won't, it was a paternity test
Clarie: I don't understand
Alexis: Daniel isn't Daniel Jr's father... I am

Alexis: What do I do?
Betty: I haven't told Daniel because i know your a good person Alexis. Right now you're the only person that can prove that

Ugly Betty Quotes

Christina has to empty the closet, she has to make room for the spring collection. You really should take a trip down there Betty, they might have a pair of socks your size


Marc: I'm not going stag, hag
Amanda: You'll have to buy your own beer, queer