Faith Carter moved to Hope Valley after meeting Jack Thornton and Lee Carter at a hospital in Hamilton, where she worked as a nurse.

She fell in love with the beautiful town and made it her home.

She was once engaged, but after that engagement was nullified, she fell in love with Hope Valley's town doctor, Carson Shepherd. She's inspired by working alongside him and goes back to school to become a doctor.

When Carson is recruited to a position outside of Hope Valley, they break off their relationship, and she remains behind to become the town's new doctor.

Faith Carter Quotes

Faith: Did you let the bandit get away again?
Nathan: Not the bandit, a squirrel. Scout found a squirrel.

Faith: Nathan, it doesn’t really help to just avoid things.
Nathan: I’m not, since you ended things.
Faith: I’m sorry. I don’t have time for this! But, for the record, I didn’t end anything. Do you know why? Because there was nothing to end.
Nathan: That’s not true.
Faith: Yes, it is.

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When Calls the Heart Quotes

I have one of these at the office; I do not need one in my house.


Bill: From now on, you just mind your own business. Leave the law and order to me.
Nathan: Yeah, I can't do that.
Bill: Why's that?
Nathan: Because I'm your new Mountie, Nathan Grant.