Gabriela Perez is Jake Crawford's ex and Bode Leone's current love interest. She's also a firefighter and the daughter of fire captain Manny Perez.

Gabriela is played by Stephanie Arcila.

Gabriela Perez Quotes

Eve: Gabs, your dad said the daddiest dad joke of all time. I go good job putting out the fire. He said...
Manny: We fame to please.
Eve: He -- no. Boo.
Gabriela: Stop.
Manny: What do you think, Jake? Does that joke belong in the Hall of Flame?
Eve: Oh no.
Gabriela: No.
Manny: Come on.
Eve: Boo.
Manny: Come on. That was good.
Gabriela: Dad.
Manny: That was good.
Gabriela: No.
Jake: Yo, Eve. You and your crew are on mopup, okay?
Manny: Guess he doesn't like my jokes.
Eve: I'm a little worried about Jake. You know, it's been like a month since Cara passed. And he hasn't taken any time off.
Gabriela: That's how he's dealing with his grief.

Gabriela: You being able to own your own issues and work through them, Dad, that's what I admire most about you.
Manny: Well, that's good because here's a big one. Your mom didn't abandon us.
Gabriela: Dad, that's not--
Manny: She left me. Not you.

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