Kenny Powers is a former Major Leage Baseball player that quickly wore out his welcome in the majors due to his personality and deteriorating skills.  After saving seemingly no money, Kenny returns to his hometown with just a jet ski to his name.  He crashes with his brother and gets a job as a high school gym teacher.

At the end of season one, Kenny thinks he's getting a deal in Tampa Bay and leaves only to find out the guy who offered him his job, Pat Anderson, was not authorized to do so.  Kenny instead takes the time to do some soul searching in Mexico where he joins a local team, The Charros and gets noticed by a scout thanks to Pat as the end of season two.

Oh and we find out April is pregnant with his child.

Kenny Powers Quotes

Interviewer: So Kenny, how do you feel about playing for New York?
Kenny: You mean Jew York? It's fucking great.

Terrence: You want a smoothie?
Kenny: No, I'm straight.

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Eastbound & Down Quotes

Down there I fought and fucked my way to being the greatest gringo that country has ever seen.


It's better to be strangled by a necklace of Mexicans than to be strangled by no one.