Andrea Anders stars as Linda Zwordling on ABC's comedy, Better Off Ted.  Linda works in the testing department at Veridian and definitely seems to resent the company.  Linda would rather be spending time getting her children's novel done.

Linda and Ted definitely seem to share good chemistry together, bet Ted already wasted his one office affair on his boss, Veronica.

Linda Zwordling Quotes

Veronica: Did I surprise you? I didn't mean to surprise you. I'm just a friendly person.
Linda: I didn't think you know my name.
Veronica: Of course I know your name. I know a lot about you. Linda... Katherine... Zword... ning--ling.
Linda: Zwordling
Veronica: Fine. You know your own name better than I do. Yah!

Linda: This is a great company, isn't it? Freezing their employees.
Ted: Employee. They're only freezing one. For now

Better Off Ted Quotes

So this is guilt, huh? In the past, I've always just counteracted this feeling with other emotions, like sugar or drunk.


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