Lucy Chen is a LAPD officer who started out as a rookie alongside John Nolan and has since graduated.  

She's known to be compassionate and have a good heart, learning the beat and the job beneath her training officer Tim Bradford.

She befriended and took in a teenager she got to know via a case after the loss of her fellow rookie, best friend, and roommate, Jackson.

Lucy took an interest and has done incredibly well in undercover work and is pursuing higher opportunities.

Lucy Chen is currently dating Tim Bradford.

Lucy Chen Quotes

You give us the ring, and we'll give you a head start.


Lucy: Did you undermine me today because you're scared that I'm going to make detective?
Tim: What? No!
Lucy: Tim.
Tim: No, and it upsets me that you even think that.
Lucy: I don't know, maybe it wasn't deliberate. Maybe it was subconscious.
Tim: So now you're accusing me of being unaware of my actions? That's not better.
Lucy: You have to admit that what happened to Isobel was deeply traumatic for you.
Tim: I never not admitted it. I admitted it the day we met. The only thing I did today was have your back. If you can't see that then... you know what? I'm tired. You got studying to do, so let's just take the night off. I'll see you tomorrow.

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The Rookie Quotes

Tim: The Tim Tests, those don't make me like him.
Lucy: I know. You're nothing like him. Come here, you're nothing like him.

Becks handle things on their own.