Mike Prince Quotes

Bradford: I have a lot of respect for how you two have handled your relationship. Conflicting ambitions are a difficult thing to manage. And you built a good arrangement.
Andy: Thanks. It worked for us.
Bradford: But the open part of the marriage can't continue during the campaign.
Prince: We know, but how did you know?
Bradford: My job to know. I heard a whisper and followed it up but couldn't get it confirmed, Andy's stuff in the bathroom was a nice touch, but this layer of marital harmony is about one night thick. Things have supposedly changed, but the American electorate isn't ready for a first couple with an arrangement.
Andy: He's good.
Andy: So, what now?
Bradford: I need to wade in the murky parts of this with you, and you're gonna have to let me. I need to know it all.
Prince: We can do that.
Bradford: OK, let's start with the names of all your partners in the last five years.

Truman had a sign on his desk that said, "The buck stops here." Mine's gonna say, "I am the buck."

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