Ric Lansing is the half brother of Sonny Corinthos. Ric came to town under the guise of offering his legal services to Sonny, who then agreed to test him out and gave him odd jobs to do, but Carly never Lansing...

Wife: Alexis Davis (2nd wife)
Mother: Adella Corinthos (deceased)
Father: Trevor Lansing
Siblings: Sonny Corinthos (half-brother)
Nephews: Michael Morgan Corinthos III (adopted nephew); Morgan Stone Corinthos (nephew)
Niece: Kristina Corinthos-Davis (niece); Baby Girl McCall (deceased)
Children: Molly Lansing (with Alexis Davis); Sam McCall (step-daughter)
Significant Relationships: Faith Rosco (lover); Elizabeth Webber (1st wife, married twice, divorced); Alexis Davis (current wife); Reese Marshall (one-night stand)

General Hospital Quotes

Claudia: Oh, you're in a foul mood, huh? Looking for trouble?
Sonny: You know, I have not been fair to you. I know I called you a lying whore, and all that. But hey, you know what? At least you don't pretend to be anything else.

Lucky, it's called cleavage, and it's the best weapon we've got.