Victor Strand, usually known as Strand, or by his false identity, Anton, is a survivor who was a conman and escaped prison after the outbreak. He later leaves a group of survivors to become a medic.

Actor Colman Domingo plays Strand in the AMC TV series Fear the Walking Dead.


Victor Strand Quotes

Madison: Why are you here? You here to throw me to the wolves again?
Strand: I made a promise to my son.

Why are you lying about who you are, Victor?

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Fear the Walking Dead Quotes

You just haven't been tested ... but you're about to be.


Ali: I'm ready.
Howard: I admire your ambition. I know Victor does, too. But everyone has got to start somewhere. To that end.
Ali: Another one?
Howard: No, this is not just any butterfly. This is the Mourning Cloak. Extremely rare. Live for about a year. And Victor has got the perfect spot for it on the shelf. All you've got to do is find one.