Keeping Secrets - Jane the Virgin
Watch Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 17
"Chapter Eighty-One"
Original Air Date:

On Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 17, Alba's big day finally arrives, while Petra and JR make a decision, and Jane realizes that Rafael is keeping a secret.

The Comic Book Store Experience - The Big Bang Theory
Watch The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 21
"The Comet Polarization"
Original Air Date:

On The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 21, friendships end up being threatened when Koothrappali takes credit for Penny's astronomical discovery.

A Special Batch of Cookies - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 20
Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 20
"Judgment Day"
Original Air Date:

During presentations on Grey Sloan Surgical Innovation Prototypes Day, Arizona shares some cookies from an appreciative patient that, unbeknownst to her, contain a special ingredient. Meanwhile, Catherine reveals some shocking details to Jackson about his grandfather’s past; and Jo steps in mid-operation on a major surgery after Bailey and Meredith are down for the count.

Expanding The Empire - Arrow
Watch Arrow Season 6 Episode 19
"The Dragon"
Original Air Date:

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 19, Felicity and Curtis double their efforts on building Helix Dynamics, while Diaz and Laurel meet with The Quadrant.

A Deadly Mission - Supernatural
Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 19
Original Air Date:

On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 19, when Rowena determinedly sets off on a deadly mission, Sam and Dean must figure out a way to stop her.

Casey Is Suspicious - Chicago Fire
Watch Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 19
"Where I Want To Be"
Original Air Date:

On Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 19, Kidd makes a big decision, while Casey is skeptical of Cordova after money is found missing from the crime scene.

Barbara's In Danger - Gotham
Watch Gotham Season 4 Episode 19
"To Our Deaths and Beyond"
Original Air Date:

On Gotham Season 4 Episode 19, Barbara is put in danger, while Gordon and Bullock try to find who the clever thief is behind the robberies of various banks.

Hondo and His Sister - S.W.A.T.
Watch S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 18
Original Air Date:

On S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 18, the team works as patrol officers for a day and Chris is partnered with Mumford, who plans to make her a surprising offer.

A New Sponsor - Mom
Watch Mom Season 5 Episode 18
"Spaghetti Sauce and a Dumpster Fire"
Original Air Date:

On Mom Season 5 Episode 18, Christy considers getting a new sponsor, Nora, after witnessing Marjorie have a major meltdown in a grocery store.

How Far Will They Go? - Scandal
Watch Scandal Season 7 Episode 18
"Over a Cliff"
Original Air Date:

On Scandal Season 7 Episode 18, with B-613 exposed to the world, the Gladiators must make the ultimate sacrifice to stop Cyrus and Jake on the series finale.