On Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 8, a popular social media figure is raped when a girl in West Virginia impersonates her in texts to a MMA fighter.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 8 asks the question of who is responsible for a rape when someone impersonates a celebrity over text and gives consent to rough sex.

When an MMA fighter rapes a social media figure popular with teens, the case is not very clear cut because he got texts from her saying she wanted to be raped, yet she claims she never sent them. With the help of the computer crimes department, SVU discovers that the texts were actually sent by a girl in West Virginia named Heather.

Heather seems to be a very simple girl who just wanted to meet her favorite celebrity and had no idea she was doing anything wrong. Barba doubts he can make his case against her because she is so sweet and naive, but Sonny finds some crucial evidence that helps turn things around.

Meanwhile, Benson confronts Sheila after Sheila tells Noah about his birth mother. Benson tells Sheila that the truth is too complicated and that Noah is too young. She wants Sheila to run things by her from now on.

Later, Sheila takes Noah to buy a winter coat, but while her back is turned he disappears. She calls Benson to give her the news.

Episode Details

On Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 8, the team get tangled up in an elaborate online hoax which leads to the rape of a popular social media star.

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Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 8 Quotes

Benson: So, Noah, you're having a good time with Grandma Sheila, huh?
Noah: Yeah. I wish I could meet Ellie.
Benson: I'm sorry, what?
Noah: Grandma Sheila told me about her.
Benson: What did Grandma Sheila say?
Noah: She said Ellie loved me so much.

Cop: You'd better hurry. The vic's thinking about leaving.
Rollins: Was she raped or not?
Cop: Depends what time you ask her.