After the Tripler Killer
Beckett and Castle are on the case of the "Tripler Killer" in this scene. It's from the episode "3XK."

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Castle Season 3 Episode 6: "3XK"
Rick Castle, Kate Beckett
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Castle Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

It's like a mystery novel, you don't just go to the last page do you?


Captain Montgomery: Feds say he is a white male, 25 to 45 years old.
Castle: Could be me.
Captain Montgomery: With a dysfunctional relationship with his mother.
Castle: Still me.
Captain Montgomery: He has a menial unimportant job.
Beckett: Definitely you.
Castle: Just for that my next book is based on Esposito.

Castle Season 3 Episode 6 Music

  Song Artist
Derek evry without you Without You Derek Evry iTunes
Uncle lucius a million ways A Million Ways Uncle Lucius iTunes