This is a photo of Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 6.

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Fellow Travelers
Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 6: "Beyond Measure"
Tim Laughlin
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Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Dear Hawk, I went into the Army to get away from you. I thought time and distance would help. But it hasn't. Hawk, I still love you. But I'm hoping to find something else. Maybe a deeper faith someday. Tim.


Lucy: Are you the only one who matters?
Hawk: What?
Lucy: Your children are here, I'm here. How dare you bring that man into our lives?
Hawk: Look, it doesn't mean anything.
Lucy: Don't insult my intelligence. He's on the run from the law.
Hawk: He's not a criminal, he's an activist.
Lucy: He's wanted by the police, and you helped him hide, Hawk! Do you know what you've risked? All we've built together, your career, my life, our children's lives. You married me. If you can't give me all your love, give me enough respect to keep whatever this is out of our home.