Hawk and Lucy - Fellow Travelers
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Hawk and Lucy are in 1968 and living a perfect life with children and multiple homes.

We hear the bustle of their home as their kids run amok as Tim is on the phone.

He sees a newspaper that Tim has been arrested for burning Army draft forms and faces over a decade inside.

He gets Marcus to convince him to go to his country home and Hawk picks him up.

Their dynamic fraught because Tim still thinks Hawk ignored his letter with the admission of love all those years ago.

Tim doesn't want to get close to Hawk, but no matter how much they try to stay apart, they do get close.

Hawk and Lucy are hosting a party and Jackson arrives at the cabin, high on drugs, and tells Tim that he feels he doesn't fit into his family.

Hawk picks him up and Tim tells him he needs to be a better father to his son because he runs the risk of messing things up.

Hawk takes this on board and goes home.

At the party, Lucy has sex with a man and Hawk is not impressed.

The next day, Tim goes to the house. Lucy answers and he asks to use the phone. He calls the lawyer to tell him he's willing to hand himself in.

Lucy tells him that she burned the letter. Its contents said that he loved Hawk.

After Tim is arrested, Lucy goes off because he brought a fugitive into their home and only thought about himself.

We see Frankie prepare to move to San Francisco and the distance between them as Marcus focuses on looking after his father.

In the present, Tim's health is declining and he's surprised he survived the seizures, but Hawk seems now ready more than ever to be with him.

Fellow Travelers
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Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Dear Hawk, I went into the Army to get away from you. I thought time and distance would help. But it hasn't. Hawk, I still love you. But I'm hoping to find something else. Maybe a deeper faith someday. Tim.


Lucy: Are you the only one who matters?
Hawk: What?
Lucy: Your children are here, I'm here. How dare you bring that man into our lives?
Hawk: Look, it doesn't mean anything.
Lucy: Don't insult my intelligence. He's on the run from the law.
Hawk: He's not a criminal, he's an activist.
Lucy: He's wanted by the police, and you helped him hide, Hawk! Do you know what you've risked? All we've built together, your career, my life, our children's lives. You married me. If you can't give me all your love, give me enough respect to keep whatever this is out of our home.