Brett - Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 4
Kara Killmer stars as paramedic Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 4.

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Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC
Chicago Fire
Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 4: "Funny What Things Remind Us"
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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Boden: I don’t think Benny lifted a hammer in 15 years.
Severide: Sounds about right. You know it’s been two years since his funeral. I still have expect him to show up at headquarters on my case about scuffs on my shoes.
Boden: Yeah, whenever my father came home from patrol, he was always hungry and tired and made himself a snack. Now, whenever I smell burnt popcorn I think of him. Funny what things remind us. Hey, no matter the reason, I’m glad you came.
Severide: Don’t get all sappy on me.

Casey: How are we doing, Sydney?
Sydney: The ironic thing is I work at Kitten Claws.
Casey: Really?
Sydney: My stage name is Vanilla Thunder. Not really, I’m in marketing.