Brothers for Life - Tall Season 2 Episode 1
Of all the people he's met while inside, Jamal is the one person whom Aaron can trust the most, even with his life.

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For Life
For Life Season 2 Episode 1: "Never Stop Fighting "
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For Life Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Just know that it's you who got you where you are. Then caving right now? It means you won. Take that home with you and go meet your grandson.


I used to have a vision of what it would be like of seeing a jury declare my innocence in front of the world. Of finally stepping out of this place no longer a convinced drug kingpin. Just a man with his family but that was a long time ago before I knew what it would take. Before I knew how powerful the forces adding me really were and what they were willing to do going after my wife, threatening my friends, leveraging everything in my life against me. But what if that was just a fantasy? What if life doesn't really work that way? What if somehow I get my freedom and have to give up justice? Would I be willing to live with that? 

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