Amused By Daniel - Ugly Betty

Betty is amused by Daniel and his latest antics as she continues to assist him in Ugly Betty Season 3.

Matt Asks Betty to Move In (Tall) - Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 23

Matt (Daniel Eric Gold) takes the plunge and asks Betty to move in with him. She agrees to do so.

Ugly Betty Season 2 Cast

The cast for Ugly Betty Season 2 featuring America Ferrera, Eric Mabius, Ana Ortiz, Vanessa Williams, Ana Ortiz, Michael Urie, Becki Newton and more.

A Finale Shot

Betty Suarez can't help but laugh in this scene from the Ugly Betty finale. We love her.

Claire Confronts Betty

What on earth could they be talking about?

Hug it Out Biaches!

Betty and Marc are expressing their love for each other!

Let the Good Times Roll

Betty, Amanda, and Marc look really happy here!

Good Bye Halston?

Who is Halston?

Daniel and Betty dance...

Could this mean things are heating up between these two?

In London

Now without braces, this is a shot of Betty in England. It's courtesy of the episode "London Calling."

So Long, Braces!

Goodbye, braces! These get taken off on the episode "Million Dollar Smile."

A Great Smile

Betty has a nice smile, doesn't she? This is one of the first time we see it, brace free.

Ugly Betty Quotes

I keep seeing you and Marc move up in the world and I feel like I am being left behind.


My family is not your family, so let's turn that mustache upside down and go downstairs and finish dinner and then we'll be out of here