Deja Isn't Happy - This Is Us Season 5 Episode 16
Deja may be consumed with her personal drama as the family prepares for Kevin's wedding on This Is Us Season 4 Episode 16.

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This Is Us
This Is Us Season 5 Episode 16: "The Adirondacks"
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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Randall: It's always darkest before the dawn, but we hang our tragedies on a fence post and we fight on.
Kevin: What do we do?
Randall: I don't know. It sounded better when Beth said it.

Toby: I want to go back to work, Kate. I need to. Staying at home is just... I love our children but...
Kate: Okay. Got it.
Toby: Kate!
Kate: Toby. My husband is contemplating taking a job that puts him in another city three days a week, and he just started a sentence with 'I love my children, but....' Give me a minute to digest this.