Finding Out About the Robbery
Felicity, Oliver, and Diggle find out about the robbery at Queens Consolidated on Arrow. "The Scientist" is the ninth episode of the show's second season.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 8: "The Scientist"
John Diggle, Oliver Queen/Arrow, Felicity Smoak
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Arrow Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Barry: I'm guessing you don't know how hard it is to break someone's neck.
Oliver: Hm? No. No idea.

Barry: Actually, it was only one guy. I'm sorry I'm late. My train was late. Actually, the second one. The first one I did miss, but that was my cab driver's fault. I have this great traffic app and he thought that he was right. But, I'm here now though.
Lance: Great, who the hell are you?
Oliver: And do your parents know that you're here?
Barry: I'm Barry Allen.