Arrow Comic-Con Trailer: A Love Letter to Stephen Amell & Oliver Queen

A trailer that plays like a love letter to Stephen Amell and his character Oliver Queen was shared at SDCC today, as well as son casting and suit news.

Arrow Midseason Trailer: Can Oliver Keep His Promise?

Oliver is ready to keep the streets of Star City safe with a new role with the SCPD, but can he stay legit? Watch the full trailer for the show's midseason run.

Elseworlds Trailer: Time for a Reality Check!

The full Elseworlds trailer is here, and there are a lot of scenes you need to see to believe! Watch the full video, and prepare to be shocked!

Arrow Season 7 Sneak Peek: This Is Someone New

With Oliver in prison and the various Arrow teams off the streets, who in the heck is suddenly donning a green hood and going against the anti-vigilantism law?

The CW's DC TV Trailer Teases Batwoman's Arrival!

Batwoman is coming to The CW's DC TV universe very soon, and the network has released a teaser for her arrival. Watch the full video right here.

Arrow Promo: Colin Donnell Returns!

Colin Donnell returns on Arrow Season 6 Episode 21, but will he be able to prevent Oliver from spending a long time in jail? Watch the full promo now!

DC TV Promo: Suit Up!

DC TV is returning to The CW soon, and the network has dropped a brand new trailer showing the superheroes suiting up for some villain-splatting. Read on!

Crisis On Earth-X Crossover: Extended Trailer Teases An Explosive Wedding

Crisis On Earth-X will bring four worlds together as they go to war with villains who try to ruin the wedding of Barry and Iris. Have a look at the extended trailer now!

DCTV Crisis on Earth-X Crossover Promo: A Wedding to Remember?

It's almost time for the annual DCTV crossover, and that means we have a lot to look forward to. Get your first look at the brand new trailer right here!

Arrow Sneak Peek: Can Oliver Protect His Secret?

Oliver is forced to do some damage control on Arrow Season 6 Episode 2, but which superhero does he throw under the bus as the elusive vigilante? Watch a sneak peek now!

Arrow Promo: The FBI Closes In On Oliver!

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 2, the FBI tries to get closer to the truth about Green Arrow's identity, but can Oliver prove he is not the vigilante? Watch the promo!

Arrow Season 6 Trailer: Welcome, Michael Emerson!

On Arrow Season 6, there will be much change, and we have your first look at what to expect in the coming episodes. Watch the full trailer right now!

Arrow Quotes

I thought you took that book off your father's dead body. How could he have been so chatty?


She was my sister. I couldn't be angry because she was dead. I couldn't grieve because I was so angry, that's what happens when your sister dies while screwing your boyfriend.