In the Kitchen with Lizzie  - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 7
Lizzie is donning her yellow apron and ready to help out in the kitchen when she lends a hand on Virgin river.

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Virgin River
Virgin River Season 4 Episode 7: "Episode 7"
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Virgin River Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Jack: At least everything is okay now.
Mel: You think everything's okay?
Jack: Yeah, that's what Doc said.
Mel: He was talking about the baby.
Jack: And you were talking about...
Mel: You were passed out.
Jack: I was asleep.
Mel: Jack, I thought I was having a miscarriage, and I thought I would have to drive myself to the hospital.

Mel: I just want you to ask yourself why you're in such a hurry?
Joey: I already know the answer. Love doesn't scare me.