Jack's Sons - This Is Us Season 3 Episode 6
Even though he'd never admit it, Randall just wants to be more like Kevin.

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This Is Us
This Is Us Season 3 Episode 6: "Kamsahamnida"
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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Ever since I was a little girl, I needed to be taken care of. First, when I was a little chubby kid I needed to be coddled. And then as a teenager, whose dad died, I needed to be comforted all the time. I'm 38-years-old and I still call my mom for advice when I'm going through a rough spot. And you, you've talked me off of more emotional ledges then I can count. But the truth is I'm strong. And the things that I have been through have made me tough as hell. So if you think that this is going to scare me away, you got another thing coming. I'm going to get you through this Tobe, and if you fall back again, I'm going to be right here and pick you back up. In sickness and health, for better or worse, I'm talking forever.


You in a nightgown with boxing gloves on is a fantasy I didn't even know I was missing.