James Brolin on The Defenders
Pete's father, Teddy Kaczmarek, is seen here. He's played by long-time actor Teddy Kaczmarek.

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The Defenders
The Defenders Season 1 Episode 11: "Nevada v. Riley"
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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Lisa: Teddy, do you think this all is just revenge. Like she's trying to have you arrested just for breaking it off?
Nick: Women. Some women. Not all women. Cheers, Teddy.

Nick: Pete, he's my pal. Teddy's my pal. I like the guy.
Pete: Sure you like him. Everybody likes him. He's the kinda guy who buys you Cuban Cigars, but here's the thing Nick. He can't afford Cuban Cigars. So if he bought you Cuban Cigars, he did it with my money. Which, technically, makes me your pal. Not him.