Pete: Who loves you, Nicky!
Nick: I love you, Petey!

You fantastic idiots. You have the finest, most successful law practice in the whole state of Nevada and you want to blow it. You want to destroy it. Don't you guys realize you two make each other possible?

Frank Sinatra Jr.

Damn. We're good together.


Wait. I just bought you shoes made out of baby cows?


Nick: Zoe, I have missed you every second that you've been gone.
Zoe: Oh yeah? What about Honeybee?
Nick: "Uh, hello. I'm not in the office today because I've been fired." You're the best.

I bet I can beat your Pontiac in my Cadillac.


I think you're missing a button, little sister.


Nick: What? You're going to question my integrity in front of my new team?
Pete: You're a tyrant. You should work on that.

Pete: Next time I'm driving.
Nick: You don't have a car.

Pretty tense for a yoga studio, huh?


Jessica: Guys! C'mon, is there anything you guys don't argue about? How about the music act?
Nick and Pete: Frank Sinatra Jr.!

You might want to get a little sun this weekend, Nicky. We're about to lose a murder trial on national TV.