Sugar and Melanie track down Olivia’s friend, who shares disturbing information about Davy and his family. Davy and Kenny dig into Sugar’s past.

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Sugar Season 1 Episode 4: "Starry-Eyed"
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Sugar Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Melanie: You know that thing, the idea that we’re supposed to slow down, pay attention to things?
Sugar: Mm-hm.
Melanie: You know, we slow down, we put down our phones, maybe we see the world as beautiful?
Sugar: Yeah. Stop and smell the roses.
Melanie: Might be the opposite.
Sugar: What do you mean?
Melanie: Might be the reason we don’t look is because it’s all so sad and ugly.
Sugar: Yeah, but not everything. We have sea lions, Patti Smith, Cyprus trees. The sound of your little sister laughing after having fun.

Bernie: Taking the night off from fighting crime?
Sugar: When invited to a glamorous Hollywood screening, how could I say no?