Sugar Eyes Bernie
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Sugar visits Vickers and gets a good checkup. He brings up a movie with Kurt Russell where a doctor punches a hole through a guy’s chest. Vickers asks him about sleeping, dreams, and his drug use. Does he have intimations of despair? Sugar stops him. He’s fine. And then his hand starts acting up.

They need to know. Is he OK? Why do they keep asking him that? Is it just him, or is something else going on? Paranoia?

Davy and Kenny visit Sugar’s mother. She recognizes Davy and invites them in.

Bernie gets home and says hi to his wife before perusing old photo albums with Rachel and Olivia.

Olivia once posted an Instagram video about the help she was doing.

Sugar asks about Stallings, and Ruby lies. Sugar doesn’t believe her. It doesn’t make sense. Ruby tries to prepare him. If, for some reason, the case doesn’t go our way…

Davy and Kenny take a selfie with Sugar’s mom, and she calls Sugar right after, revealing her true self. She tells him to watch himself because they’re not going to stop digging until they figure out who she is.

Olivia’s instagram videos will be peppered throughout this episode.

When he gets back to the bungalow, Melanie is waiting for him. She says she remembered something, but can we believe anything she says?

She says she spotted Olivia and a woman having a very intense conversation in Silver Lake. They head off to the location.

She’s seen this a million times on TV, Melanie says. Does showing someone a photograph of someone really work? People like to help, he says. Someone recognizes Melanie, though. That prompts a girl to tell them what she knows about Olivia and Taylor.

Taylor says she’s done with all the Siegel stuff. When Melanie asks if she’s OK, she lets them in. Taylor called Olivia a hypocritical bitch on Instagram. Taylor is an actor and was up for a role in a Bernie Siegel firm. She knew Davy and mentioned the potential role. She shouldn’t have done that. He was great at first, and then he started texting her under the guise of helping her with the audition.

He filmed them having sex, and he had the video from the one time years ago. She was angry and violated and couldn’t believe he thought that would convince her to do anything with him now.

He threatened her that if she didn’t allow him to come over and fuck her any way she wanted, he’d put the video online. She went to the police, but they did nothing. The next day, though, she got a call about an NDA. She didn’t sign it. Olivia told her that sexual blackmail is Davy’s thing. He’s done it to dozens of women.

When they leave, they have a discussion about smelling the roses vs seeing reality as ugly. Sugar hopes that there is beauty out there.

Sugar needs to know how deep the rot runs in the Siegel family.

Davy calls his mom, who tells him not to tell Bernie on the phone. Say he wants to do it in person.

Sugar needs to meet with an unhappy Jonathan Siegel. He’s been thinking since the beginning that Jonathan has been holding something back. Was it about Davy? They meet at a movie premiere.

The Siegel men trade barbs in front of cameras while Davy’s mom, Margie, chats with Sugar. She says Davy is very busy and couldn’t make it tonight. She tells him not to believe everything she hears.

Bernie says that Olivia always shows up when you stop looking for her. Sugar says that it will come out about Davy, including his coverup. Sugar wonders if Bernie is covering up something Davy did to Olivia.

At the premiere, Sugar spots Melanie and Bernie texting each other.

Sugar visits the screening room, which also serves as a security room. He watches Melanie and Bernie, but they don’t seem happy with each other.

Oh, it’s not a premiere but a showing of an old movie that Sugar knows well.

While Jonathan is being interviewed on stage, everyone gets a ping that the LA Times has Davy’s story. Former child star Davy Siegel accused of sexual harassment and revenge porn blackmail.

Davy gets a call from Stallings asking if he’s OK. Remember when women were fun, he asks? Jonathan has a heart attack backstage.

Stallings threatens Davy, who begins crying.

Jonathan isn’t coming around.

Stallings gets home, hoping for his goons to find out more about Sugar. He tells his girlfriend she’s in charge of his special project, which is probably Olivia.

Jonathan did come around and will be fine.

Sugar is still spinning his wheels. Seeing the movie reminded him of something, though. One of the photos of Rachel is her in the dress from the movie 30 years later.

Stalling’s girlfriend is rifling through a jewelry box. She finds the necklace that Olivia was wearing in her Instagram videos.


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Sugar Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Melanie: You know that thing, the idea that we’re supposed to slow down, pay attention to things?
Sugar: Mm-hm.
Melanie: You know, we slow down, we put down our phones, maybe we see the world as beautiful?
Sugar: Yeah. Stop and smell the roses.
Melanie: Might be the opposite.
Sugar: What do you mean?
Melanie: Might be the reason we don’t look is because it’s all so sad and ugly.
Sugar: Yeah, but not everything. We have sea lions, Patti Smith, Cyprus trees. The sound of your little sister laughing after having fun.

Bernie: Taking the night off from fighting crime?
Sugar: When invited to a glamorous Hollywood screening, how could I say no?