Murtaugh's Got This - Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 17
It looks like Murtaugh is saving the day again. He's getting good at this thanks to his time with Riggs.

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Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 17: "A Problem Like Maria"
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Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Riggs: See, that's your problem. You're always a glass half empty kind of guy.
Murtaugh: Oh? I'm the glass half empty guy? That's some mighty rich words coming from your mouth.
Bailey: Did you have a nice walk?
Riggs: We did.
Murtaugh: Hey Bailey. Which one of us is more of a half empty kind of guy?
Riggs: Do not put her on the spot like that. You're just going to get your feelings hurt. And we don't want to have to deal with your pouting.
Bailey: You guys want to hear about the body or what?

Hey Gideon, when you love what you do, you do it for free, right?