Murtaugh's Got This - Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 17
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At a shopping mall parking lot a woman is walking her baby to her car when a guy approaches her. She shoots the guy, but a van gets in her way.

Riggs is in a hotel room with Agent Palmer, getting ready for work. It's cute.

Riane goes through a gift basket from a potential job offer from Trish. Murtaugh leaves the house. His neighbor shows off his vintage Mustang.

Rog and Riggs are at a murder scene where a guy was hung from a bridge. Riggs recognizes the guy as the one Palmer was with earlier that morning.

Trish is on a job interview on an airplane. She turns the job down because she wants to stay with her family. The guy still makes an offer to her. She considers it.

Murtaugh and Riggs are in the morgue sharing information about the victim. They visit Palmer's office and learn she hasn't been in the office all day.

They visit her house and find the house has been broken into. It turns out it's not her place but a safehouse. Riggs finds her phone on the floor. They find blood and a torture chain in the bathtub.

The DEA is at the station giving information about their current case and the cartel. Riggs' father-in-law comes into the office and Delgado suspends him for punching the DEA guy. Riggs thinks it has to do with Miranda, but it doesn't. Riggs reluctantly gives his badge and gun.

Cahill tells him to go to the parking garage to meet Murtaugh who gives him information about the case. Riggs works the case even though he's not supposed to be working it.

At the motel they find Palmer who is protecting the woman and her child from earlier. Palmer explains what's going on. The baby is Tito Flores' son. A situation develops at the motel. 

Murtaugh calls Avery to tell him he thinks there's a leak in the LAPD. A couple of cops show up and Gideon kills them.

Palmer and Riggs are at his place. He is incredibly smitten with her.

Maria and the baby are at Murtaugh's place. Murtaugh and Riggs set up a meeting with Gideon, but they back out because they know the baby is just a doll. At Murtaugh's Maria pulls a gun on Palmer. She's going to return the baby to Tito. Palmer tries to convince her not to do that.

Avery realizes the DEA agent is the leak and they arrest him.

Maria is at the immigration office waiting for Gideon to take the baby. Gideon shoots at Murtaugh and the baby heads toward the escalator in the stroller. There's a shootout with Riggs and he saves the baby from falling down the escalator. The kid is just sleeping not even aware of what's going on. 

Gideon runs and Riggs chases after him. Gideon gets hit by Palmer who is using Murtaugh's neighbor's car.

Palmer is going to take Maria away to somewhere safe. Murtaugh's neighbor is freaked out about his car. he doesn't know what happened.

Back at the office Avery is talking to Riggs about how Murtaugh was able to apprehend two suspects by himself. He knows that Riggs had help. Delgado shows up to talk to Riggs.

Delgado gives his approval to Riggs to have another woman. Riggs appreciates.

Riggs calls Palmer and asks her out on a dinner date. At dinner she tells him that MIranda's death wasn't an accident. It had to do with the drug cartel.





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Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Riggs: See, that's your problem. You're always a glass half empty kind of guy.
Murtaugh: Oh? I'm the glass half empty guy? That's some mighty rich words coming from your mouth.
Bailey: Did you have a nice walk?
Riggs: We did.
Murtaugh: Hey Bailey. Which one of us is more of a half empty kind of guy?
Riggs: Do not put her on the spot like that. You're just going to get your feelings hurt. And we don't want to have to deal with your pouting.
Bailey: You guys want to hear about the body or what?

Hey Gideon, when you love what you do, you do it for free, right?