Trish: I need you to tell me that this reckless behavior will end.
Roger: I can't.
Trish: Well, until then, you can sleep on the couch.
Roger: C'mon Trish, are you sure this is what you want?
Trish: If I have to learn to live without you, I may as well start now.
Roger: Ok. Fine, but be careful what you wish for.

You had a good day. I'm happy for you; but until you let go of everything else, all that pain. You'll never be free.


That's what you're worried about? I did like seven illegal things before I got here this morning.


Riggs: You can take the couch. I'll take the chair.
Ruthie: I do sleep el buffo.
Riggs: The chair outside.

Riggs: Something's off. I need to test my reflexes. Go ahead. Try to slap me.
Cahill: Riggs, this is insane. I'm a medical professional. I'd never--[slaps Riggs]

Honey, I'm not judging. Do what you gotta do. Drink. Slice your finger. Smash a bottle. Make yourself hurt so you don't have to hurt inside. But sooner or later, Marty, that's the hurt that gets ya.


Roger: We're only six years apart. How do you know about the dark web?
Avery: Korean skincare. Certain ointments aren't exactly legal stateside.

Next one goes between the dimples. What? I come prepared.


Hey, pal. Whatever you did last night didn't work. You're not right.

Cab driver [to Riggs]

Murtaugh: You know that rock almost knocked my eye out.
Riggs: How about thank you, that rock saved my life.

Nobody leaves here. Riggs broke the DNA.


Riggs has demons he hasn't been able to slay yet, but I don't believe he's a danger to others. We're better off with him out there.