Rabbit Hole Poster 2
You think you’re shopping for socks. They know who you’re voting for. The job’s already half done.

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Rabbit Hole
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Rabbit Hole Quotes

Ben: He's got so much money. It's not about that anymore. He wants power. He wants power. He wants a regime of his own, and he wants it right here.
Miles: Oh, come on. How do you know that?
Ben: Because I wrote the book. Chapter one. Undermine people's faith in the media so we can dig out the bloody nature of the truth. Chapter two. Polarize factions in society. When people stop seeing the other side as human, then human rights cease to be an obstacle. Chapter three. Marginalize the intelligencia. People stop listening to experts, and they become malleable, hm? That sound familiar? Chapter four. Now you're gonna need chapter four. Elect candidate under the guise of restoring order. Someone smart, someone charismatic, but someone who can be controlled.
John: What's chapter five?
Ben: Oh, there's no chapter five. Now, the country's yours.

Hailey: Hey, asshole. If you really thought I was going to blackmail you, why'd you sleep with me?
John: You're kidding, right?