Reckoning With the Past - Grey's Anatomy
Meredith must reckon with the past on Grey's Anatomy. "My Shot" is the eighth episode of the show's 16th season.

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Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 8: "My Shot"
Meredith Grey
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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 8 Quotes

Lawyer: I'm begging you, Meredith, sit down. Don't talk, and let me do my job, please.
Meredith: No, you're an adult who is completely incapable of being quiet no matter how much your life depends on it, and today it could cost you your future.

Meredith: How do we switch out one of the doctors on the panel.
Lawyer: We don't. Why?
Meredith: Because that one killed my husband.