Rodent Run-In - Shadowhunters
Isabelle is disgusted by rodents on a sneak peek of Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 12.

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Shadowhunters Quotes

Magnus: I’ve had many, many happy memories in this apartment. But, at the end of the day, it’s just a thing. But my magic, it makes me feel alive. Yes, I can do fabulous tricks, jet around the world, and help the people I love, but more than that, magic connects me to ... everything around me. Without magic, I feel like a stranger. The world keeps on going, and it’s like I’m not a part of it. It’s like suddenly I don’t matter.
Alec: Magus, of course, you matter!
Magnus: I know. I know, Alexander. Everyone does, but without magic, I can’t feel it. This apartment is not important; I have you and I have my magic. Truly that is enough.

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