Saul Does Spy Stuff in Abu Dhabi Season 6 Episode 3
Saul travels to Abu Dhabi to interrogate a source regarding the Iranian nuclear deal.

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Didier Baverel/SHOWTIME
Homeland Season 6 Episode 3: "The Covenant"
Saul Berenson
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Rabat, Morocco
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Homeland Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Reda: This isn’t the arrangement we made, Carrie.
Carrie: What do you mean?
Reda: Our partnership. You were supposed to secure funding, investigate, advise. What you weren’t supposed to do is take matters into your own hands, break the law.
Carrie: I’m sorry, Reda. I fucked up.
Reda: Yeah, you did.

Saul: Says here you have a 120 million dollar line of credit at First Emirates, a little over half of which was accessed in the last week.
Nafisi: So?
Saul: Compliant bank, correspondent accounts, these are the same tactics you used to counter U.N. sanctions, fund Hezbollah, export your revolution to the rest of the world.
Nafisi: Is that a compliment?