GCB Season Finale Photo

Uh-oh. The GCBs find themselves in a spot of danger to close out an entertaining first season.

GCB Cook-Off

Oh, it's on! We're treated to a GCB cook-off on the episode "Adam & Eve's Rib."

David James Elliott on GCB

It may not be obvious, but that's a photo of David James Elliott during his guest-starring stint on GCB.

Sing It, Carlene!

Carlene approaches Amanda in this scene from GCB. It's taken from the fun episode "Sex is Divine."

GCB Showdown

You really don't want to get between these southern women. You're looking at a scene from the GCB episode "Turn the Other Cheek."

Eric Winter on GCB

Eric Winter is seen here on GCB. It's a shot from the episode "Forbidden Fruit."

GCB Trio

Pictured in this scene from GCB: Annie Potts, Lauran Irion and Colton Shires. It's courtesy of the episode "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing."

GCB Scene

Who doesn't love Carlene on GCB? This is a photo from the episode "Love is Patient."

Amanda Vaughn Pic

Welcome back to Dallas, Amanda Vaughn. Good luck getting on well there.

Carlene on GCB

Carlene is pretty much in charge on GCB. She is none too happy to welcome Amanda Vaughn back home.

GCB Premiere Pic

Welcome back to Dallas, Amanda Vaughn. This character returns home on the series premiere of GCB.

GCB Cast Pic

Say hello to the Good Christian Belles of Dallas. This new ABC series stars, among others, Leslie Bibb and Kristin Chenoweth.

GCB Quotes

Carlene: We're gonna follow the advice of Psalms 18:39.
Sharon: Um..my bible's in my other purse.

I don't care how bad things are. I will never go back to Dallas.