GCB Season Finale Photo
Watch GCB Season 1 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

The GCB season finale finds these women in danger, as Carlene takes them down to unincorporated Juarez.

GCB Cook-Off
Watch GCB Season 1 Episode 9
"Adam & Eve's Rib"
Original Air Date:

It's cook-off time on GCB! Kevin Alejandro guest stars on this fun episode of the ABC comedy.

David James Elliott on GCB
Watch GCB Season 1 Episode 8
"Pride Comes Before a Fall"
Original Air Date:

Amanda takes charge of the church musical this week. You can imagine how that goes, can't you?

Sing It, Carlene!
Watch GCB Season 1 Episode 7
"Sex Is Divine"
Original Air Date:

The ladies do their homework when the pastor gives the congregation an assignment to get frisky on GCB this week.

GCB Showdown
Watch GCB Season 1 Episode 6
"Turn the Other Cheek"
Original Air Date:

Carlene and Ripp decided to renew their vows using a "Gone With the Wind" them and there's competition for the maid of honor duties.

Eric Winter on GCB
Watch GCB Season 1 Episode 5
"Forbidden Fruit"
Original Air Date:

Sheryl Crow performs on GCB this week, while Tom Everett Scott guest stars as a love interest for Heather.

GCB Trio
Watch GCB Season 1 Episode 4
"A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
Original Air Date:

Carlene's uncle returns to Dallas this week on GCB and you know what that means: a costume party!

GCB Scene
Watch GCB Season 1 Episode 3
"Love is Patient"
Original Air Date:

Amanda must confront her past on this episode of GCB, while Carlene gets involved in Sharon's and Cricket's marriages.

Amanda Vaughn Pic
Watch GCB Season 1 Episode 2
"Hell Hath No Fury"
Original Air Date:

Amanda grows concerned this week that Laura will be branded a name she coined for herself in high school. Elsewhere, Carlene rallies from her embarrassment in church.

GCB Premiere Pic
Watch GCB Season 1 Episode 1
"Series Premiere"
Original Air Date:

Amanda Vaughn returns to Dallas on the GCB series premiere, and must face the wrath of all she bullied in high school. Texas.

GCB Quotes

Carlene: We're gonna follow the advice of Psalms 18:39.
Sharon: Um..my bible's in my other purse.

I don't care how bad things are. I will never go back to Dallas.