Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Key Art
This is the poster for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, set to premiere on Paramount+ in May.

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Quotes

Spock: I've never understood the human inclination to laugh at others' misfortune. It feels impolite.
Chapel: That's why it's funny.
Spock: Because it breaks the social expectation?
Pike: Sometimes, Mr. Spock, things go so badly, you just have to laugh.

You know how in the story King Ridley has The Mercury Stone? He wants to keep it. It protects him, makes him happy. Until he learns that it has a soul and that it will die if he holds onto it. He has to let it go. Even though it means he won’t be happy anymore. You’re my Mercury Stone.