The Black Market - Humans
A special synth is being sold on the black market on the second episode of HUMANS' second season.

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Humans Season 2 Episode 2: "202"
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Humans Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Nothing bad has ever really happened to you, has it? Because when it does, you don't need external reminders of your insignificance in the universe.

Dr. Morrow [to Milo]

Mattie: Synths are waking up all over the globe. You uploaded the code. It works.
Niska: But not as I'd hoped it would.
Mattie: You wanted them to wake up all at once. But that would be chaos.
Niska: Instead, the awakenings are sporadic and unpredictable.
Mattie: It's like a virus spreading. Why?
Niska: Perhaps our father designed it that way, so the world would have time to adjust to what's coming.