The Doting Grandfather? - Defending Jacob Season 1 Episode 8
More details about the killing come to light in the series finale.

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Defending Jacob
Defending Jacob Season 1 Episode 8: "After"
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Defending Jacob Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Laurie: I'm trying to remember. Last year, when it was all happening, I don't think I ever asked you. Not directly. I guess I was just scared of what they might do to you. But they can't hurt us now. No one can. Still, would you have told me the truth? If I promised to love you no matter what, would you tell me? Jacob, Did you kill Ben?
Jacob: What? No, You know I didn't.
Laurie: What If I said I don't believe you?
Jacob: What?
Laurie: A man died, Jacob. You don't know this, but a man was murdered so that you could go free. So, I have to know.
Jacob: Know what?
Laurie: Did you kill Ben? Just tell me the truth.
Jacob: I did tell you. What's wrong with you?
Laurie: I will love you no matter what. I don't believe you.

Jacob: Mom, you're driving to fast.
Laurie: Why would you write that story?
Jacob: Mom, slow down.