After the Trial - Defending Jacob
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Jacob is set free of the murder of Ben after Patz offers up a confession. 

Ben's father says that he knows Jacob had something to do with it and sets out to take him down. 

Andy visits his father when points of the case start to lean towards his henchman ochestrating the killing. 

Andy opts to keep it to himself. 

The Barbers go on vacation and Jacob meets Hope. They get close, but it all falls apart when the girl goes missing. 

Andy tells Laurie the truth and she flips out. 

Hope returns to the hotel after being lost. 

Laurie tries to get Jacob to admit to killing Ben. 

She crashes the car and it seems like she's killed both of them. 

In the aftermath, Neal tries to prove that Laurie was being a bad mom, but Andy stands by her. 

The family is torn apart, but Jacob and Laurie pull through. 

We are left wondering whether they can make it work. 

Defending Jacob
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Defending Jacob Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Laurie: I'm trying to remember. Last year, when it was all happening, I don't think I ever asked you. Not directly. I guess I was just scared of what they might do to you. But they can't hurt us now. No one can. Still, would you have told me the truth? If I promised to love you no matter what, would you tell me? Jacob, Did you kill Ben?
Jacob: What? No, You know I didn't.
Laurie: What If I said I don't believe you?
Jacob: What?
Laurie: A man died, Jacob. You don't know this, but a man was murdered so that you could go free. So, I have to know.
Jacob: Know what?
Laurie: Did you kill Ben? Just tell me the truth.
Jacob: I did tell you. What's wrong with you?
Laurie: I will love you no matter what. I don't believe you.

Jacob: Mom, you're driving to fast.
Laurie: Why would you write that story?
Jacob: Mom, slow down.