The Man of the Hour - Succession
This is a publicity photo for Succession Season 4.

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Macall B. Polay/HBO
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Succession Quotes

Information, Greg, is like a bottle of fine wine. You store it, you hoard it, you save it for a special occasion, and then you smash someone's fuckin' face in with it.


Matsson: I need an American. I don't want to scare the horses. ATN being the uh profit center. Mencken likes you if that happens. You know, you, um, you're fuckin' talented, so uh. But, also, honestly, I'm not looking for a partner. You know? I'm looking for a frontman cause we're going to cut shit close to the bone. We're gonna get right fuckin' in there. It's gonna get nasty. Uh, so I need a pain sponge when I'm under the hood doing what I love, you know?
Tom: Sure.
Matsson: That's kind of what I'm after. So, would that be a problem?
Tom: Nah. No, man. Nah. I could do it.
Matsson: Logan Mach II. Only this time, he's fuckin' sexy [laughs]. Yeah, do you want to do some shots?