I'm the eldest boy! I AM THE ELDEST BOY!


I love you. I fucking love you, but I cannot stomach you.


You can't be CEO. You killed someone.


I just don't think you'd be good at it.


Shiv: So, we were thinking of murdering you.
Roman: Don't tell him.
Shiv: But, uh, you know it's too much prep, too much murder admin.
Roman: No stomach for the admin.
Shiv: So.
Kendall: OK.
Shiv: We anoint you.
Roman: You get the bauble. Congratulations. It's haunted and cursed, and nothing will ever go right, but yeah, enjoy your bauble.

Shiv: This is ugly, and this is bad. It doesn't feel great.
Kendall: I know, but we're a powerful bloc. OK? It was sloppy. It was careless. We're ready to fucking kill him.
Shiv: Yeah, I think you're chasing rainbows, to be honest. I think he has this all sewn up, but sure.

I think it's fuckin' game on.


Tom: We're going to be OK, Greg. We will be OK.
Greg: Which is it?
Tom: You're gonna get castrated on pay, like decimated, but I think I can keep you. OK? Keep an eye on. Piss man out.

Matsson: I need an American. I don't want to scare the horses. ATN being the uh profit center. Mencken likes you if that happens. You know, you, um, you're fuckin' talented, so uh. But, also, honestly, I'm not looking for a partner. You know? I'm looking for a frontman cause we're going to cut shit close to the bone. We're gonna get right fuckin' in there. It's gonna get nasty. Uh, so I need a pain sponge when I'm under the hood doing what I love, you know?
Tom: Sure.
Matsson: That's kind of what I'm after. So, would that be a problem?
Tom: Nah. No, man. Nah. I could do it.
Matsson: Logan Mach II. Only this time, he's fuckin' sexy [laughs]. Yeah, do you want to do some shots?

And I thought, if I could get anyone in the world, why don't I get the guy who put the baby inside her instead of the baby lady?


Kendall: Don't fuckin' try and play us, Shiv. Like, stop fuckin' gloating. You've got your hands on my throat, yeah? So don't be all fuckin' Joan of Waystar.
Shiv: Alright, well, I don't know what to say 'cause you, you know, you fuckin' grabbed the crown, the two of you. Dad died, and you fucking, you grabbed the crown and pushed me out, so I don't know why I'm the cunt here.
Kendall: Cunt is as Cunt does.

Early bird catches the Rome?

Kendall [to Shiv]

Succession Quotes

Shiv: God he looks terrible. He looks like a frozen corpse.
Tom: Yeah, he looks waxy, like an unshaven candle.

Ragnar: A public and personal declaration of withdrawal could be really helpful. You OK, mate?
Kendall: Yeah.
Ragnar: Yeah, you could do this. You could stop it.
Kendall: OK, yeah. I mean. My dad wants me to do it, uh, I'll, I'll do it. [reading note] 'I saw their plan. Dad's plan is better.'
Ragnar: How you feel? You look good.
Kendall: Yeah, I feel, uh, I feel good.