Tripp Shares How He Feels - Days of Our Lives
Tripp shares how he feels about Haley with Kayla and she questions whether he, Haley, and JJ should be living together on Days of Our Lives.

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Days of Our Lives
Kayla Brady
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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Trask: Mr. Kiriakis. I'm surprised you're still here. You'll be glad to know justice has been served and Belle is behind bars where she belonged.
Philip: That wasn't justice, you idiot!
Trask: What?
Philip: Belle didn't kill Charlie Dale. Jan Spears did. Belle and Shawn just told you what you wanted to hear because Jan kidnapped their daughter. Jan Spears is a killer and now thanks to you she might do it again to Claire and to Chloe.

Diana: You stole my fortune!
Victor: And you stole it back.