Days of Our Lives Round Table: Did the Right People Take Kristen Down?

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It was the “most John and Marlena party ever” as one the guests lost her face and another had to chew her way out of restraints.

TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Stephanie and Kayla from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate, Eric’s temper, the uninvited guests, Susan taking down Kristen, and the disappointing love triangles in Salem.

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How did you interpret Sarah and Eric’s feelings as they found out that Nicole is (supposedly) really dead? Was it grief, shock, relief, or something else?

Stephanie: I think Eric is feeling a mixture of things. He is most likely experiencing grief all over again because now he must face the fact that Nicole actually hasn’t come back.

However, he might also be holding out a little bit of hope that, since so many other people have turned up alive after the warehouse fire, then Nicole might eventually make it back too. I think Sarah is probably now worried about what will happen if the real Nicole does return. 

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Unlike imposter Nicole, she does love Eric and will be major competition for his heart if and when she comes back to Salem.

Kayla: I think that they were relived because they learnt that she was apart of their past and that's where she would stay.

Christine: It felt like more relief to me. Eric can now move on with Sarah without pining for a woman who doesn’t want him, and Sarah doesn’t have to feel like Eric’s second choice any more, at least not to anyone who’s supposedly alive.

It felt like they both assumed that Nicole was really dead, which seems odd since so many other people from that fire have turned up alive.

John Unmasks "Nicole" - Days of Our Lives

Which character would you have liked to have seen at John and Marlena’s party who didn’t attend?

Stephanie: I was wondering where Chloe was the whole time. She put so much effort into helping coordinate the two surprise parties, but then she wasn’t even there. She should have been allowed to attend and have a night of fun before heading off for her singing audition since she worked so hard to make sure that things turned out right with all the party details.

Kayla: I would of loved for Sami and Lucas to be in attendance. I mean Sami is Marlena's daughter after and yes I know their relationship hasn't exactly been smooth sailing but still.

Christine: Where were Doug and Julie? It’s there club and they’ve been friends with John and Marlena for decades. How could they not have been invited!

Sarah Comforts Eric - Days of Our Lives

When Eric learned that “Nicole” and Brady were a couple again, he got violent with Brady. Is Eric unstable? Do you think he needs counseling?

Stephanie: I think Eric may be in need of counseling when it comes to his feelings for Nicole. He doesn’t think straight and makes rash decisions like attacking his brother.

Eric will also continuously ruin any relationships he has with other women because his heart is too focused on Nicole. He ruined his relationship with Jennifer over Nicole, and the same thing is already starting to happen with Sarah even though they’ve barely been together for a day.

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Kayla: I believe but Eric got violent because he still cares about Nicole and is protective of her. I don't think he is unstable I think he's coming to terms with everything that has happened over these past few months including him breaking up his brothers marriage and his grandmother dying. I think that he could use some form of informal counselling.

Christine: Eric is constantly losing his temper and doesn’t hesitate to hit someone. If this were the real world he would have been up on assault charges by now. Eric definitely needs some anger management counseling before he or someone else gets seriously injured.

Susan Banks Is Back - Days of Our Lives

Susan returned and took down Kristen. Was this a fitting end to the Kristen in the mask storyline?

Stephanie: I actually liked Susan being the one to take down Kristen. It was an unexpected twist and a dose of “karma” as John said.

Kristen has done horrible things to Susan, so it was nice to see Susan get the upper hand for once and also help out everyone at the party as a result.

I liked seeing everyone showing appreciation for her after Kristen was taken away since she is normally a character who everyone is just tolerating and who most people don’t really want to have around.

Kayla: I think that it was perfectly fitting to have Susan come back and cause somewhat of a havoc before everything was exposed.

Christine: I liked that John got to unmask Kristen. He’s known her forever so I liked that he put the pieces together.

And Susan knocking Kristen out was perfect. I’m not the biggest Susan fan but that was definitely Karma at work, and the fact that Susan used her teeth to bite through her ropes had me laughing.

Haley's Emergency - Days of Our Lives

Rate the Tripp/Haley/JJ love triangle from a 1 (Who cares?) to a 10 (Can’t wait to see more!)

Stephanie: I rate the love triangle a 1. I’m tired of triangles. There are so many other ways to create drama for couples besides making two people love one person. It’s time for something different!

Kayla: Look, I have to give it a 1. My reasons for this are I'm not a Haley fan, I liked Tripp with Claire, and I wanted JJ's relationship with Gabi explored further.

Christine: It’s unanimous then because I give it a 1. The show never developed Haley, never mind a romance with either Tripp or JJ. If feels like they through these characters together because of that obnoxious immigration story. Now that that plot is done, I’d be happy if this triangle ended too.

Tripp Shares How He Feels - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Stephanie: I was disappointed in the repeat storylines. As I said before, we really don’t need another love triangle on this show when there have been so many within the last several years.

I’m also tired of people getting knocked out and then locked in the Dimera tunnels. Gabi and Stefan are probably the third group of people to be placed in that situation within the last year. It’s time for some new material!

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Kayla: The fact that Brady fell for 'Nicole' or Kristen's lies despite Will suggesting that Kristen may in fact still be alive.

Christine: Eric and Sarah making up and cooing over one another. I really despise them as a couple.

And, although I don’t mind Sonny and Will playing junior spy, having them steal Xander’s briefcase annoyed me because if the tables were turned, they’d be really self righteous and indignant about someone going through their things.

Will Has a Theory - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Stephanie: I really liked the scene where John put all of the pieces to the puzzle involving Kristen together. I think it was done well since it showed his brain pulling in snippets of conversations he had had recently and connecting all the dots.

Unmasking Kristen moments after figuring it all out was also a great moment. It was the best thing about the party in my opinion!

I also enjoyed Victor giving Maggie a gift to celebrate the ten-week anniversary of her sobriety. It showed that he knows he hasn’t been the best husband recently but is trying to turn things around now by celebrating her successes and continuing to encourage her to stay sober.

I hope they continue to have moments like this since these are the times that show the love that made them a couple to root for.

Kayla: My favorite scene has to be Kristen getting unmasked both times first by Gabi and then by John. I have been over this storyline for ages. I was never a Nicole fan.

Christine: Gabi and Stefan. Stefan was sincerely worried about Gabi when he saw her unconscious in the basement. Then once she woke up, their banter was the most fun I’d had watching Days all week.

Gabi and Stefan Are Trapped - Days of Our Lives

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