Tyga on Scream Resurrection
This is a photo from Scream Season 3 aka Scream: Resurrection to be used in conjunction with the pre-season review.

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Scream Season 3 Episode 3: "The Man Behind the Mask"
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Scream Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Amir: Did you hear about Shane?
Beth: What about him?
Liv just told me. He's dead. We're guessing Ghost Face got him.
Beth: Well, then I guess Mr. Fade got faded.

Deion: Marcus. Marcus Man, is this you?
Ghost Face: If I told you now, it would spoil the big twist. Where's the fun in that?
Deion: Look, it won't be fun when I rip that mask off your face and shove it up your ass.
Ghost Face: Look at you showing some spine. Too bad Shane didn't last night.
Deion: What you talking about?
Ghost Face: After Mr. Fade showed everyone who he really was, I pumped him full of drugs and now he's dead, like all your friends will be when I'm done.
Deion: Why the hell are you even doing this, man? I thought it was me you want.
Ghost Face: What I want is to find out who Deion Elliot really is, about what happened that Halloween night.
Deion: Yeah, me too.
Ghost Face: Then go back to the scene of the crime, the place you abandoned your brother.
Deion: And if I don't?
Ghost Face: Trick or treat, Deion. Your choice.