Tyga on Scream Resurrection
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Deion is told to visit the hook man alone. 

He asks Liv to borrow her car, and she agrees, but he lies and tells her he will use it after school. 

Liv then notices Deion runs off alone, and rallies the Deadfast club to go looking for him. 

They find him with the car broken down, but Liv got them out to the middle of nowhere to find him. 

Amir, Liv, and Deion make their way alone to the Hook Man. 

They learn that Marcus definitely died, but the Hook Man had PTSD and hit the brother when he thought he was back in a war-torn country. 

Marcus hid in a car and was found six months later. 

The killer shows up and kills the Hook Man by putting him in a trash compactor.

Kym escapes from her car. 

Manny shows up to save the day but the killer chases him into the car and sets it on fire, killing him. 

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Scream Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Deion: Marcus. Marcus Man, is this you?
Ghost Face: If I told you now, it would spoil the big twist. Where's the fun in that?
Deion: Look, it won't be fun when I rip that mask off your face and shove it up your ass.
Ghost Face: Look at you showing some spine. Too bad Shane didn't last night.
Deion: What you talking about?
Ghost Face: After Mr. Fade showed everyone who he really was, I pumped him full of drugs and now he's dead, like all your friends will be when I'm done.
Deion: Why the hell are you even doing this, man? I thought it was me you want.
Ghost Face: What I want is to find out who Deion Elliot really is, about what happened that Halloween night.
Deion: Yeah, me too.
Ghost Face: Then go back to the scene of the crime, the place you abandoned your brother.
Deion: And if I don't?
Ghost Face: Trick or treat, Deion. Your choice.

Amir: Hey.
Beth: It's Halloween. The one day a year you get to be anyone you want to be, and you chose to dress up as some meathead jock?
Amir: Of course not. Most jocks treat me like crap, but not Deion.
Beth: In my personal experience. The only person people ever look out for is themselves.
Amir: That's sad.
Beth: Not as sad as you going full-on stalker on Deion.
Amir: I'm not a stalker.
Beth: That's exactly what a stalker would say.