What to Do - The Affair Season 3 Episode 9
Helen has a lot to think about on the latest episode of The Affair

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The Affair
The Affair Season 3 Episode 9: "309"
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The Affair Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You explained to him about your moods, right? The Helen of today is not the Helen of tomorrow.


Margaret: We admit it. We failed you as parents.
Bruce: Your mother and I, uh, we've been seeing a therapist.
Margaret: He has made us see everything so much more clearly, and now we realize how utterly responsible we are for how disastrously your life has turned out.
Bruce: We want you know that we're here for you now, for whatever you need: vacations, clothing, counseling.
Margaret: You're a good person, Helen, despite your upbringing, and none of it, none of it, is your fault.