Song Artist
The future will destroy you The Future Will Destroy You Viva Voce iTunes
Song Lemon Peel Snowden
My pet snakes My Pet Snakes Jenny and Johnny iTunes
Song The Free World The Uglysuit
Song Kill Me Make The Girls Dance
Song Circles The Exiles
Charleston Charleston Paul Reeves iTunes
Bad karma Bad Karma Ida Maria iTunes
Shuffle a dream Shuffle a Dream Little Dragon iTunes
Houdini Houdini Foster The People iTunes
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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Dan: It's Blair's Save the Date.
Rufus: You're not happy. You guys are still friends, right?
Dan: Yeah. Friends. I wonder if she invited Chuck.
Rufus: If he's anywhere that FedEx can reach.

Dan: Dad! What are you doing here? I thought you'd still be in London helping Jenny set up St. Martin's.
Rufus: She and Eric kicked me out when I didn't know who Sierra Burton was, so I came back here early and thought I'd spend some time with you.