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Song Million Faces Paolo Nutini
Song Stains of Saints The Weather Machines
Song Corner Of Your Heart Ingrid Michaelson
Wake Up Alone Amy Winehouse iTunes
Song The Rope is Long Let's Go Sailing
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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

CRISTINA: "How do you treat pancreatic divisim?"
IZZIE: "Ugh, Cristina, if you're not gonna let me sleep you have to at least let me put coffee in my cup."
CRISTINA: "Okay, so go. No one's stopping you."
IZZIE: "I'm too tired to go."

"A surgeon's education never ends. Every patient, every symptom, every operation... is a test. A chance for us to demonstrate how much we know. And how much more we have to learn."

MEREDITH [narrating]