Song Artist
Bloodstream 1 Bloodstream Stateless iTunes
Love is the end Love Is The End Keane iTunes
Song Take My Body Sarah Leichtenberg
By the time By The Time Mika iTunes
Song Do What I Gotta Do Kim Morrell
Song Be My Lover Chris Lago
Song Things You Said Roy Campanella III
Change 1 Change Daniel Merriweather iTunes
Give it to me right Give It To Me Right Melanie Fiona iTunes
Say goodbye Say Goodbye Josh Altman iTunes
Song Jumping Into Rivers Diana Vickers
Song Hold Me In Your Arms Pixie Lott
Disappear 1 Disappear Kitten Control iTunes
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Melrose Place Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Jonah: That really happened, huh?
Ella: Twice.
Jonah: Oh my God.
Ella: That's what I said.

You realize you're the only man that can pry a PDA from my grip and keep me smiling the whole time.