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Melrose Place returned this week with the following developments:

- Lauren made up a story about an ex-boyfriend, as opposed to a John, drugging her. David found the guy's number and beat him up. Dude called Lauren a "whore," but David didn't know he meant that literally. When the episode ends, David and Lauren are doing better than ever.

- The same can't be said for Auggie. He had a great night banging Ella, but wakes up to messages from Riley. He goes to see her. She wants them to go back to being happy, like they were pre-engagement. Auggie considers this, much to the chagrin of Ella... who is already in a bad mood because Amanda absolutely chewed her out after thinking Ella was involved with Amanda's boyfriend, Ben. By the end of the episode, Auggie has told Riley about sleeping with Ella, upsetting her and leaving him with neither woman.

- As for Ben: he shows up and makes Amanda very happy. He also implies that he's gonna propose to her, but gives her a car and a necklace instead. Amanda acts cool about that. But we know she's not.

We also see Amanda speaking to her investigator near the end of the episode, as he hasn't found the painting she desires in any of the apartments. But he's yet to search David's.

- Then there's Auggie and Violet. He goes back to drinking and she really wants to get away from the building. As a result, they ride off into the sunset on Auggie's motorcycle together and leave the show for good.

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Melrose Place Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Jonah: That really happened, huh?
Ella: Twice.
Jonah: Oh my God.
Ella: That's what I said.

You realize you're the only man that can pry a PDA from my grip and keep me smiling the whole time.